Give your property a facelift with our many styles of external rendering. We can provide all from the classic to contemporary with high quality prodcuts such as ‘WallCrete’, ‘K Rend’ and traditional finishes.

K Rend

Durable, Attractive and environmentally friendly this low maintenance render is built upon silicone technology that allows the structure to breathe whilst still being water repellent. This surface ensures a freshly rendered appearance for a prolonged period. The finish is also drier and this more resistant to algae growth and the natural phenomenon of lime bloom. There are several finishes available as displayed below and colours can be made to order.

K Rend Silicon Finish

Available in an extensive range of colours this finish can be presented in a smooth or textured finish, with a huge colour range.

K Rend Dry Dash

This finish offers a luxurious finish consisting of a silicon treated dash made up of intricate aggregates.

K Rend Wet Dash

This wet application offers a beautiful smooth effect over the aggregates, available in a large range of colours.

K Rend Brick Finish

A novel and stylish finish here were the render is cut to give the appearance of a traditional brick finish. Special colours available on request.


WALLCRETE is a very advanced lightweight render, specifically designed and manufactured to recreate the natural products used in walling and construction. Cost-effective, long-lasting and versatile, the installation techniques are similar to imprinted concrete and the results equally as stunning. This new form of rendering can also provide beautiful and unique indoor wall features.