Paragon covers all aspects of garden and estate creation including initial design, hard and soft landscaping. Our tailor-made services can caters for all types and sizes of property, from the smaller town garden to the country estate. Printed Concrete, Block Paving, Turfing, Walling, Decking, Play-Areas, Water and Brick features plus more, we cover it all with high standards.

Paving and Driveways

We provide a varied attractive range of external flooring solutions; Printed Concrete, Block Paving, Indian Stone, Gravel, Loose Fill, Gravel and even Wet Pour which is the soft rubber fell cement you find in children’s play areas.


Give your garden a facelift with a fresh new carpet of Turf, we can provide a vast range of both natural and imitation turfs to suit all budgets and sizes.


Walling can really give your garden character and an air of grandeur, we can build both natural stone and brick plus impressive designs with WallCrete.


Make your garden an extension of the home with durable and elegant decking. As we all know, when that summer arrives we need to appreciate it in comfort and style.

Play Areas

A must for any young family, providing a safe and entertaining play areas for you little ones gets them in the fresh air and exercising rather than sat in front of a TV or Computer. Anything can be built and a large range of safe flooring options are available.


Again taking the home into the garden quality features can improve both the look and practicality of your garden space. From simple decorative elements to practical BBQ and seating areas, Paragon can provide it all.


Ponds and water features bring a sense of peace and tranquility to any garden. Built to any scale Paragon can provide all from simple ponds to amazing waterfalls and structures designed with aesthetics and easy maintenance in mind.